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  • Deep data discovery

    made easy.

  • “Well Rated by Customers in Gartner BI Platform Survey.”

    In 2013 and 2014 we achieved strong scores in customer experience, composite product, product quality, and complexity of analysis from customers in the Gartner survey.*

    Survey Analysis: Customers Rate Their BI Platform Vendors - July 2013 ID #G00249324 & October 2014 ID #G00262301
  • Why Advizor?

    More visual than excel

    More analytical than tableau

    Easier than SAS or R

Why Choose Advizor

ADVIZOR is more than just another high volume software company.  We are data analytics experts who combine cutting edge software with customer enablement.  We help our clients answer their toughest questions, get more value out of statistical concepts, and build out their internal skill sets.  Our patented in-memory data capability, novel visual displays of data, and integrated predictive modeling are easier to use than SAS or R and let you take your analysis deeper than Tableau.  And we are more visual and intuitive and make multi-dimensional analysis much easier than Excel.  We bring the added ability to combine many data tables directly from your source systems or data marts.  And we do that quickly, with no coding required.  We integrate seamlessly with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF.  We’re a low cost solution that is an easy add-on to what you already have.

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