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  • Deep data discovery

    made easy.

  • “Well Rated by Customers in Gartner BI Platform Survey.”

    Over the past several years we have achieved strong scores in customer experience, composite product, product quality, and complexity of analysis from customers in the Gartner survey.*

    Survey Analysis: Customers Rate Their BI Platform Vendors - July 2013 ID #G00249324 & October 2014 ID #G00262301

  • Why Advizor?

    More visual than excel

    More analytical than tableau

    Easier than SAS or R

Why Choose Advizor
ADVIZOR Solutions® is a low cost and extremely easy to use visual front-end to complex data systems. We blend, prep, and synthesize data from all kinds of commercial and operational systems into an integrated in-memory data mart. That mart powers our easy-to-understand interactive dashboards and ad hoc reports, which are designed for self-service business decision making. We are the only vendor anywhere who has integrated no-coding predictive analytics into an end-user data discovery tool targeted at people who don’t have degrees in statistics. And we deliver full solutions that include business consulting so that you don’t have to become an analytics geek to figure out what your data is trying to tell you. We are all about training and empowering your business team through a collaborative effort.

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